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The AdsCash company offers you to earn money on viewing ad units and attracting referrals.

You use your mobile phone to click and watch the advertisements we provide every day, and we will pay the corresponding rewards for these advertisements to your account. In addition, you can also invite your friends to watch the ads together, and you will get 10% of your friends' income as a reward.

It seems to be the most profitable offer on the market of paid advertising at the time!

Your earnings are practically unlimited and depend on the time you spend in front of your Mobile Working on the average 1-2 hours a day, you can get paid from 200 $ to 300 $ or even more to your account.All you need is a smartphone to get to work. We promise not to charge you any fees.

All earned funds are saved in the personal account of the employee and are paid to your bank card or electronic account upon the request in your account within 1 hour.

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TOP 10 ON EARNINGS FOR 14/06/2024
Earnings for a day
Earnings for a day
675 $
Paid out
Shaik Fara Naz
649 $
Paid out
Priya Dharshini
628 $
Paid out
Venkata Sai
626 $
Paid out
Ravikiran U
577 $
Paid out
Kumara Swami',Ram Medisetti'
539 $
Paid out
521 $
Paid out
492 $
Paid out
Aravind Aravind
466 $
Paid out
Roark Howard
416 $
Paid out

AdsCash - is an effective solution for earning on viewing advertising websites!


01/06/2024 Our registered users exceeded 2500,000

15/04/2024 We add 15 large servers. Make sure the system is running stably.

05/03/2024 Our registered users exceeded 2000,000

30/01/2024 Increased CPS for ad units to 7%!

25/12/2023 We add 10 large servers. Make sure the system is running stably.

20/11/2023 Our registered users exceeded 1200,000

01/10/2023 Added 2 new channel withdrawal functions

29/08/2023 Increased CPS for ad units to 5%!

18/07/2023 Update the software on the server

11/06/2023 Negotiate with advertisers for a 10% increase in fee per registration

19/05/2023 Our registered users exceeded 1 million

28/04/2023 We have moved to a more powerful server. The system runs faster and is now more stable!

03/04/2023 Our registered users exceeded 800,000

03/03/2023 Update the software on the server to optimize operating efficiency.

17/02/2023 Increased CPV for ad units to 5%!

25/01/2023 At the request of system participants, the ability to withdraw funds to Bitcoin wallets has been added.

04/01/2023 At the request of system participants, the ability to withdraw funds to PayPal has been added.

14/12/2022 Negotiate with advertisers for a 5% CPV increase

28/11/2022 Update the software on the server.

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